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The Canadian Arts Alliance was organized in 1999 with two goals:

  • to enhance the educational experience of our school children
  • to enrich the cultural life of the community


In Cooperation with the Texas Commission on the Arts and with local artists, we provided programs for the local schools that emphasized the importance of art and music.  Educational activities were followed by public performances.  Additionally, CAA provides a scholarship each year to a graduating senior who has excelled in some form of the arts.


Lipscomb MuseumA major project of the Arts Alliance involved collaborating with local artist and craftsman Doug Ricketts in the design, construction, and exhibition of "Art from the Ruins."  This exhibit consists of nine pieces of sculpture created from materials salvaged from an abandoned local homestead.  Interwoven and integrated into the pieces are records, pictures, and family memorabilia that provide the viewer with an intimate look into the life of the family who lived there.  The exhibit toured the Panhandle and is now on permanent display in the Lipscomb County Museum.


Other CAA projects includes "Brush and Bow", a joint educational workshop conducted by Amy Winton and the Amarillo Chamber Music Society.  These three day workshops for elementary age students combine music and art culminating in a student art exhibition.  Andy Wilkenson, playwright, poet, and musician, has presented workshops on songwriting to high school students.


But the biggest project attempted by CAA is its present one: to bring to Canadian a level of entertainment equal to the quality of the Texas Crown stage.  Though our commitment to education remains unchanged, we now find ourselves branching out into popular entertainment.  We have much to learn, but with the support of the community, we are confident of success.



The current Board of Directors are:

  • John McGarr, President
  • Mistie Walser, Vice President
  • Kim McKinney, Treasurer
  • Chelsie Murfee, Advertising
  • Mary Jo Leonard, Member
  • Lisa Ayala, Member
  • Teddi Wilkinson, Member
  • Kelley Cameron






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